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Ian Dury - Billy Bentley

Tekst piosenki:

   Hello, playmates
  Here's a little London song
  All about a young man's adventures in the big city
  Here we go
  Billy Bentley, go to London early in the day
  Half a quid, mate
  Stand to reason
  Hold your horses
  How's your father?
  Well, cor blimey
  Wotcha, cheeky
  Move along there
  See the show, sir
  Nice time, ducky
  You'll be lucky
  Billy Bentley he’s a caution, have a pleasent stay
  Billy Bentley, take take a farther in the afternoon
  Down the Grove
  Up the Archway
  Kilburn High Road
  Dalston Junction
  Clapham Common
  Ealing Broadway
  Cambridge Circus
  Hyde Park Corner
  Covent Garden
  I Beg you pardon
  Billy Bentley, golden platter and a dirty spoon
  Billy Bentley, day in London soon to disappear
  Shocking headache
  Well despondent
  Starving hungry
  Bleedin’ taters
  What a karma
  Double lonely
  Fucking Ada
  All my marbles
  Charming weather
  Bloody clever
  Billy Bentley, all the winners don't you like it here?
  Hold very tight, please *ding ding*

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