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I Against I - Read And Weep

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Those words on the shelf Not giving me any help at all Disguised as my guide Won't lead me anywhere
  Dictate what to feel They're trying to make it all look real As if I don't know What you're trying
  to do Every page That I'm turning It's my face that will turn with it Couldn't stand me The bare
  sight of me Cause I'm living the opposite First page 'til the last The art of brainwashing at it's
  best Try to hypnotize They want me paralyzed The life that's portrayed The styles that they want
  me to embrace They're out of this world Have to get them out of my face Page one Not a description
  of me Page two It's someone else that I see Page three I will not read this and weep I'm choosing
  my own direction I will write my own damn manifest Page four Hypnotized Page five Paralyzed Page
  six - Idolized

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