Teksty piosenek / H / Hypocrisy


  A coming race

  Adjusting the sun

  All turns black


  Apocalyptic hybrid

  Arrival of the demons (Part II)

  Black forest

  Black metal


  Born dead, burried alive

  Carved up

  Dead sky dawning



  Digital prophecy

  Disconnected magnetic corridors


  Don't judge me


  Edge of madness

  Elastic inverted visions


  Fire in the sky

  Fractured millenium

  Fusion programmed minds

  God is a lie


  Inquire within

  Killing art

  Last vanguard

  Left to rot

  Legions descend

  Mind corruption

  Never to return

  New world


  Paled empty sphere


  Paranormal mysteria

  Path to Babylon


  Request denied


  Reversed reflections

  Roswell 47

  Seeds of the chosen one

  Selfinflicted overload


  Slave to the parasites

  Slippin' away



  The abyss

  The arrival of the demons

  The departure

  The final chapter

  The fourth dimension

  The north wind

  Through the window of time

  Time warp

  To escape is to die

  Total eclipse


  Unfold the sorrow

  Unleash the beast

  Until the end

  War within

  When the candle fades

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki