Teksty piosenek / H / Hot Boys

  50 Shots Sets it Off

  Big Tymers

  Bling Bling

  Block Burner

  Blood Thicker (featuring Big Tymers)

  Bout Whatever

  Boys at War

  Clear Da Set

  Dirty World

  Fired Up (We on Fire)

  Get it How U Live!!

  Get Out Tha Way


  I Feel

  I'm a Hot Boy

  I'm Com'n

  I'm Com'n (featuring Bun B of UGK)

  I Need a Hot Girl

  Infrared Dot

  Neighborhood Superstar

  Respect My Mind


  Rock Ice

  Shoot First

  Spittin' Game

  Tha Hood (It's All Good)

  Too Hot

  Tuesday and Thursday

  We On Fire

  You Dig

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