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  All That You Have

  Alternative Girl

  Another Face In The Crowd

  Bad News Blair

  Barbie Girl

  Cannot Stop the World

  Christmas Crush



  Employer's Market

  Envy Me

  Face In The Crowd

  Get A Job

  Give It Up

  Giving Up


  Grow Up

  Hanging Out

  I Hate Myself

  I'll Never Fall in Love

  I Love You, Not!



  Kiss me, Diss me

  Last Nite Regrets

  Let Go

  Making the most of

  Melodies haunt you

  More Than Friends

  My Friends Suck

  My Time Alone

  No Way Out

  Nowhere Slow

  One day

  One Night Stand

  Piss Off

  Promise Breaker


  Second Best


  She Don't Care

  She Said...

  She's Anti

  Shirley D. Pressed

  Single All The Way


  Staying out for the summer


  Surfer Girl

  Surfer Girl

  The Hearing Song

  This Way




  Waiting for the day

  Waiting On Me


  We Are Dumb

  We are together

  What have i done wrong

  Whole lot easier

  Why Won't You Leave Me?


  Wow, She Dumb

  You're Not Alone

  Your Past

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