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Hey - Guardian angel

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   Every thursday my angel comes
  he knocks on the door of fate
  though everything inside him screams
  he prostitutes himself for me
  And his humiliation wraps itself around me
  With protective incantations
  so i don't have to pray
  The world is laid open for me
  I'm the lightness i'm the dream
  I'm the little toe of your foot
  The great of the world serve me
  My forehead is free of worry and my body's pure
  In my white dress string of amber
  My shoes are made of moss
  Nothing disturbes me in my merrment
  The only story is of I
  Yesterday angel said no
  A dark star is over my head
  My old face is wrinkled and cracked
  Scary is my shaking hand
  Fruit of fear cracks inside of me
  I start to prey again
  Feet are bleeding
  I'm the dirt from under your nail
  And I prey to be invisible
  My angel left me yesterday

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