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Hey - Desire

Tekst piosenki:

  That's all what I feel
  When I'm looking at You
  Do You know what I mean
  It's like a fire
  I'm. eaten up by my desire now
  I feel desire deep in my mind
  You're thinking
  That my love for You is a real love
  You're such a fool
  I love your body but not your soul
  I will sleep with another guy
  In my bed
  So kiss me
  Before I'll show You dear my door
  But don't be afraid
  'Cause You can buy me
  I love a money
  Like every strumpit
  On the world
  Just give me a cash
  It may be dollars
  And take a room
  Take off your clothes
  Enjoy my body
  You ask me
  Do I know what is love
  Belive I know
  I tell You something now
  I love only myself
  I'm just thinking
  That Iím the most important
  Thing in my life
  So get out of here
  Before I destroy
  And help You to die

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