Teksty piosenek / H / Heather Nova

  All the way



  Believe in angels


  Blood of me

  Blue black

  Days and nights

  Doubled up

  Ear to the ground

  Feel you like a river

  Flying as she falls


  Further than you

  Gloomy sunday

  Gloomy sunday (deutsche)

  Glow stars

  Grow young


  Heart and shoulder

  Heaven sent

  Help me be good to you


  If i saw you in a movie

  I have the touch

  I'm alive

  I'm no angel

  I'm on fire

  I'm the girl


  It's only love

  Just Been Born

  Light years

  Like a hurricane

  Like lovers do

  London rain

  Love will find you

  Make you mine

  Many rivers to cross

  Maybe an angel


  My fidelity

  New love


  Not only human

  Paper Cup

  Ruby Red

  Shaking the doll


  Ship song

  Someone new

  Spirit in you

  Straight to hell


  Sweet november

  Talking to strangers

  Talk to me


  These walls

  Throwing fire at the sun

  Truth and bone

  Valley of sound


  Virus of the mind

  Walking higher

  Walk this world

  Waste the day

  Water from wine

  What a feeling

  When somebody turns you on



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