Teksty piosenek / H / Heart

  All Eyes


  All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You

  Almost Paradise





  Anything Is Possible

  Back To Avalon

  Bad Animals


  (Beat By) Jealously

  Bebe Le Strange

  Black On Black II

  Blue Guitar


  Bright Light Girl

  Call Of The Wild

  City's Burning

  Cook With Fire

  Crazy On You

  Cruel Nights

  Cry To Me


  Desire Walks On

  Devil Delight

  Dog And Butterfly

  Down On Me

  DreamBoat Annie

  DreamBoat Annie (Fantasy Child)

  DreamBoat Annie (Reprise)

  Dream Of The Archer

  Easy Target

  Even It Up

  Fallen From Grace

  Fast Times

  Go On Cry


  Heavy Heart

  Here Song

  Hey Darlin Darlin

  High Time


  How Can I Refuse

  How Deep It Goes

  I Didn't Want To Need You

  If Looks Could Kill

  I Love You

  In Walks The Night

  I've Got The Music In Me

  I Want Your World To Turn

  I Want You So Bad

  Johnny Moon

  Just The Wine

  Kick It Out

  Language Of Love

  Lighter Touch

  Little Queen

  Love Alive

  (Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song

  Love Mistake


  Magic Man

  Mistral Wind

  My Crazy Head

  Nada One


  Nobody Home

  Nothin' At All

  One Word

  Perfect Stranger


  Private Audition


  Raised On You

  Ring Them Bells

  Rockin Heaven Down


  Say Hello


  Shell Shock

  Silver Wheels

  Sing Child

  Sleep Alone

  Soul Of The Sea

  Straight On


  Strange Night

  Strangers Of The Heart

  Sweet Darlin'

  Sylvan Song

  Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger

  The Night

  There's The Girl

  These Dreams

  The Situation

  The Wolf

  The Woman In Me

  This Man Is Mine

  Together Now

  Treat Me Well

  Under The Sky

  Voodoo Doll

  Wait For An Answer

  What About Love

  What He Don't Know

  White Lightning & Wine

  Who Will You Run To

  Wild Child

  Will You Be There (In The Morning)

  You Ain't So Tough

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