Teksty piosenek / H / Hans Theessink

  29 Ways

  All the good times


  Baby please don't go

  Baby wants to boogie

  Big bill's guitar

  Blind Willie

  Bloodsucker blues

  Breaking down the henhouse

  Cajun boogie

  Call me

  Charly Stone


  Crazy moon


  Darkest hour

  False accusations

  Feel like going home

  Flying shoes

  Get down n play the blues

  Going home

  Going to brownsville

  Grinning in your face

  Hard road blues



  Honey baby blues

  Hunted man

  Johnny & the devil

  Journey on

  Late last night

  Lazy, long hot summer's day


  Living in the fast lane

  Lonely days & lonely nights

  Louisiana man

  Love sweet love

  Lovin man

  Mandolin man

  Man with a broken heart


  Missing you


  My baby changed the lock on her door

  New Orleans

  Next morning at sunrise

  Nine pound hammer

  Paint the town

  Power of love


  Ready for the ride

  Rock the boat

  Rolling stone

  Roll with the punches

  Rubber Dolly

  Run the human race

  Sail away

  Sail on

  Set me free

  Shake hands with the sun

  Sidewalk hobo

  Sitting in limbo

  Six strings down

  Soul of a man

  Soul on fire

  Storm warning

  Tears are rolling

  The cuckoo

  The planet


  Too many drivers


  Traveling man

  Vicksburg is my home

  Walking the dog

  Went to the doctor

  Where the southern cross the dog

  Will the circle be unbroken


  You make me feel so good

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