Teksty piosenek / G / Guttermouth


  1-2-3 Slam

  Abort Mission

  A Date With Destiny

  A Day At The Office

  A Nice Place To Visit...


  Bakers Dozen


  Big Pink Dress

  Black Enforcers

  Bruce Lee Vs. The Kiss Army


  Camp Fire Girl #62

  Can I Borrow Some Ambition?

  Can't We All Just Get Along (At The Dinner Table)


  Casserole Of Life

  Chaps My Hide

  Chicken Box

  Chug-A-Lug Night

  Con Especial



  Cram It Up Your Ass


  Diamond Studded Bumble Bee


  Do The Hustle

  Encyclopedia Brown

  End On 9

  Food Storage


  Gas Out

  Generous Portion


  Gods Kingdom


  Good Friday


  Happy Loving Couples

  High Ball

  Hit Machine



  I Have A Dream

  I'm Destroying The World

  I'm Punk

  I Saw The Light

  I Won't Seee You In The Pit

  Jack La Lanne

  Jamie's Petting Zoo

  Just A Fuck

  Just A Fucking Lounge Version

  Lemon Water


  Lock Down

  Looking Good Is All That Matters

  Looking Out For #1

  Lucky The Donkey


  Mark's Ark

  Mr. Barbeque

  Musical Monkey

  My Girlfriend

  My Town

  No More

  No Such Thing


  Old Glory


  Pee In The Shower

  Perfect World


  Power Up

  Punk Rock Academy

  Race Track

  Room For Improvement

  Scholarship In Punk


  Secure Horizons

  She's Got The Look

  Sid Vicious Was Innocent

  Skater's Anthem

  Teri Yakimoto

  That's Life

  The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Aboard

  Thought Provoking Sonic Device


  Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless, Tired, Tr

  Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless, Tired, Tramps.....(a.k.a. "7 T's")

  Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless, Tired, Tramps.....(a.k.a. 7 T's)


  Under My Skin

  Under The Sea

  Use Your Mind



  Viva America

  Walk Of Shame

  What If?

  What's Gone Wrong

  What's The Big Deal?

  What You Like About Me

  When Hell Freezes Over

  Where Was I?


  You're Late

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