All i said

  Back 2 back


  Choice of weapons

  Collectin' props

  Count your blessings


  Feel the music

  For you


  How you gonna be a killa

  Hustlin' daze

  In here

  Keep your worries

  Le bien, le mal


  Lift your fist

  Living in this world

  Looking through darkness

  Lost souls


  Mashin' up da world


  Never ending saga

  Night vision

  Nobody knows

  No more

  No surviving

  No time to play

  O.G. talk


  Respect the architect


  Rollin' dolo

  Sights in the city

  Slicker than most

  Something in the past

  Stay outta my face

  Supa love

  Take a look

  The come up

  The traveler


  Transit ride

  Trust me

  War tactics

  Watch what you say

  When you're near

  Where's my ladies

  Where's our money

  Who's there

  Young ladies

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki