Teksty piosenek / G / Guns N' Roses

  14 Years

  14 Years

  Ain't It Fun

  Ain't it fun

  Anything Goes

  Anything goes



  Back OFF Bitch

  Back off bitch

  Bad Apples

  Bad apples

  Bad Obsession

  Bad obsession

  Black Leather

  Black leather

  Bohemian Rhapsody



  Bring It Back Home

  Bring it back home

  Buick mackane

  Buick Makane

  Chinese Democracy

  Chinese democracy

  Civil War

  Civil war



  Come Together

  Crash Diet

  Crash diet

  Dead Horse

  Dead horse

  Don't Cry

  Don't cry

  Don't Cry (Alt)

  Don't Damn Me

  Don't damn me

  Double Talking Jive

  Double talkin jive

  Down On The Farm

  Down on the farm

  Dust In The Wind

  Dust in the wind

  Dust N' Bones

  Dust N' bones



  Garden Of Eden

  Garden of eden

  Get In The Ring

  Get in the ring

  Hair Of The Dog

  Hair of the dog

  Heartbreak Hotel

  Human Being

  Human being

  I Don't Care About You

  I don't care about you

  It's Alright

  It's alright

  It's So Easy

  It's so easy

  It Tastes Good, Don't It?

  It tastes good, don't it

  Just Another Sunday

  Just another sunday

  Knocking On Heaven's Door

  Knocking On Heaven's Door

  Knockin' On Heavens Door

  Knockin on heaven's door

  Live And Let Die

  Live and let die

  Live & Let Die



  Look At Your Game, Girl

  Look at your game, girl



  Mama Kin

  Mama Kin

  Mama Kin

  Move To The City

  Move To The City

  Move to the city

  Mr. Brownstone


  My Michelle

  My Michelle

  My World

  My world

  New Rose

  New rose

  Nice Boys

  Nice Boys

  Nice boys



  November Rain

  November rain

  Oh My God

  Oh My God

  Oh my god

  One In A Million

  One in a million

  Only Women Bleed

  Out Ta Get Me

  Out ta get me

  Paradice City

  Paradise city



  Perfect Crime

  Perfect crime

  Pretty Tied Up

  Pretty tied up

  Raw Power

  Raw power

  Reckless Life

  Reckless Life

  Reckless life

  Rhiad & The Behovins

  Right Next Door To Hell

  Right next door to hell

  Rocket Queen

  Rocket queen

  Sail Away Sweet Sister

  Salt Of The Earth

  Sentimental Movie

  Sentimental movie

  Shadow Of Your Love

  Shotgun Blues

  Shotgun blues

  Silk Worms

  Since I Don'T Have You

  Since i don't have you

  So Fine

  So fine

  Sweet Child O' Mine

  Sweet child o mine

  Sympathy For The Devil

  Sympathy for the devil

  The Blues

  The blues

  The Garden

  The garden

  Think About You

  Think about you

  Too Much Too Soon

  Too much, too soon

  Used To Love Her

  Used to love her

  Welcome To The Jungle

  Welcome to the jungle

  Wild Horses



  You Ain't The First

  You ain't the first

  You Can't Put You Arms Arround A Memory

  You Could Be Mine

  You could be mine

  You're Crazy

  You're Crazy

  You're crazy

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