Teksty piosenek / G / Grease

  All chocked up

  Alma mater

  Alone at the drive in movie

  Back to school again

  Beauty school dropout

  Blue moon

  Born to hand jive

  Cool rider

  Fredy my love

  Girl for all seasons

  Greased lightnin

  Grease (Is the word)

  Grease mix

  Hopelessly devoted to you

  Hound dog

  It's raining on prom night

  Let's do it for our country

  Look at me i'm Sandra Dee

  Love is a many splendored thing




  Rock a hula luau

  Rock'n roll is here to stay

  Rock'n roll party queen

  Rydell alma mater

  Rydell fight song


  Sandy (Prologue)

  Score tonight

  Shakin at the high school hop

  Summer nights

  Tears on my pillow

  There are worse things i could do

  Those magic changes

  Turn back the hands of time

  We go together

  Who's that guy

  You are the one that i want

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki