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Good Riddance - Wrong Again

Tekst piosenki:

i saw you from a distance
  somehow i knew our paths would cross someday
  in my eyes you could do no wrong
  i never thought i'd ever have someone like you
  you came at a time when
  i could count my friends on one hand
  and i don't think i want to be another float
  in your sad parade
  and it makes me wonder is this how you've treated
  all the friends you've made
  i put you on a pedestal
  i knew it was the worst thing i could do
  i used to feel that way black and grey
  now everything is fucked up
  there's people talking shit
  it looks like i was wrong
  and i don't care who's right
  i don't want to fight
  why me
  this tape's been
  played before
  is this what
  friends are for
  it's all my fault
  wrong again

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