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Good Riddance - Without Anger

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There are some things I can't appreciate
  And when they're gone I won't deliberate
  Without heart we'll never make it work
  Accusing the world but you're playing the game
  Scream 'till it hurts but it's always the same
  Wake up in a fog can't remember my name
  There are those who pin their faults on me
  Don't give a fuck about sincerity
  I've said enough but when it all comes down
  Don't try to tell me that it makes no difference
  Don't place conditions on what's inside
  Our similarities are torn apart by pride
  And it seems like everything's
  Coming down on me
  And I can't tell right from wrong
  Fate from tragedy
  I've got to find that fire
  That defined me once so well
  There's so much talk so many empty lines
  I see no reason for their selfish lies
  Without the anger resistance can't break these chains

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