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Good Riddance - Winning The Hearts And Minds

Tekst piosenki:

when might makes right you want to bet
  the u.s.a. is now a terrorist threat
  free elections another casualty
  in the covert war on freedom and democracy
  spray paint (blood stained) walls fading light
  the death squads are coming to your town tonight
  m-16 to your head lie through your teeth
  or you might end up dead
  those stubborn peasants remain opposed
  to the western puppet that we've imposed
  not to worry they'll see it our way
  the c.i.a. trained death squads will crush the coup
  within a day
  hahahahaha laugh it away
  you're making friends with the u.s.a.
  a clear conscience when the price is right
  after all who needs human rights?
  police state now you rule by fear
  to stabilize this hemisphere for what?

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