Good Riddance - Waste

Tekst piosenki:

Who will be their voice
  Who will hear their cries
  The ones who cannot speak
  As we dehumanize
  Incarcerated innocents
  Their sentience ignored
  Slaughtered by the millions
  For the pseudo-carnivores
  What a waste of our time
  Of our land of our humanity
  Blood-spattered carcass it wets your appetite
  Don't you fucking get it
  Eating flesh it isn't right for you
  For me our children the world
  Destroy their machines
  Burn their staughterhouses to the ground
  Now it's time for us all to defend
  The oppressed
  Meat is murder
  Still we consume the dead and rotting
  Products of violence
  We've got to make that change
  For me our children the world

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