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Good Riddance - United Cigar

Tekst piosenki:

reason is gone
  this brain is out of practice
  thinking is alien
  it's alien to me
  the day is through the lights are off and i'm alone again
  electrons comfort me the television is my only friend
  there was a time that i swore
  this would never happen to me
  i look for inspiration like i've done so many times
  there's something missing here i can't define
  would you like to come to a place inside my head
  or would you like to watch me fall asleep instead
  indecision, television
  takes my mind away
  growing stronger how much longer
  will things be this way
  i look at my close friends they wear expressions of concern
  they don't want me to forget all that they think i've learned
  i've explained my situation but why can't they see
  friday's just another night for me
  now there's a feeling that i get when i'm at peace with all i see
  and it's a rare time that i spend with no one else around but me
  these moments are so precious now
  getting better just like wine
  but wine won't make me happy
  there was a time i thought it would
  i thought it could i thought it should
  now turned around i'm looking down
  there's nothing there but i can still
  see myself a lonely boy

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