Good Riddance - Uniontown

Tekst piosenki:

When lies serve as substitution
  A new twist on an old solution
  No cause no choice
  They took your freedom away
  The new rights gotta keep you guessing
  A Quick close with a signed confession
  No rights this fight
  Is how you're gonna pay
  A child's tear froma broken heart
  Another family's ripped apart
  And the streets are empty
  Down in Uniontown
  Just don't let them catch you out at night
  Nobody gets to have it all
  The lucky ones only take the fall
  It's a game and they picked your name
  And now you've been had
  You're just a player in a house of cards
  Pleading guilty to a lesser charge
  You're no good to anyone
  When you're doing time
  It's hard enough to stay alive
  Eighteen to twenty five
  Another town's locked into a slow decay
  With all it's young men they're locked away

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