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Good Riddance - Token Idiot

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What should I say
  I guess things didn't go my way
  but you insist on shining light
  on my greatest failures
  fallible is me
  but you can see
  this isn't my reality
  it's just the way things go for us
  someone out there
  saying "life just isn't fair"
  but it's the disappointments and the
  great mistakes that make you wiser
  and what about the times you set me straight
  and still left me waiting at the gate
  it's just the way things go for us
  I'm sick of trying at your way
  did you really think I'd make it anyway
  I pulled this splinter from my face
  and found another worthwhile cause to take your place
  I woke up ok
  it's just another rainy day
  and I'm feeling the same way
  as you

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