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Good Riddance - The Hardest Part

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I used to think you were on my side
  We never found a place to hide
  I let it go on too long like so many times before
  I don't know where I should start
  It seems like the hardest part
  To take your pretty world and tear it all apart
  Let it go I can't fix you anymore
  Let it go time to be stronger than before
  Let me go crying all the time
  Let it go and trust me
  I'm not worth your waste of time
  For the sake of sanity
  Let's erase those memories
  There's nothing left here that will take the pain away
  There's no more mystery
  Just too much history
  Someday you'll understand it's really for the best
  Connection rejection
  Your tears won't carry me away
  Completely forget me just let it go now
  It's time to move on

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