Good Riddance - Slowly

Tekst piosenki:

She called me up all excited said she had a date
  With him Saturday night and she just can't wait
  I thought about his reputation & the things that he's done
  I woudn't wish him on anyone
  I said to her when you're with him better watch your step
  Because I know this boy he's got a pretty bad rep
  I only hope he doesn t end up bringing you down
  He's been breaking hearts all over town
  Slowly you can pick yourself back up
  When that situation's got you down again
  Slowly you can pick your self back up
  Girl you've got to save it for another day
  Because you don't need him anyway
  It's just a game they play
  I know this won't come easy girl
  I know that it's hard
  And deep down inside it leaves an awful scar
  And to say I told you so
  Won't help to ease the pain inside you so
  Just remember that there's plenty of boys out there
  Who could treat you much better
  And remember I care
  it just won't do to see you hurting so bad
  I knew that boy was going to leave you sad

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