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Good Riddance - Shame, Rights & Privilege

Tekst piosenki:

Stumbling drunk off a bus downtown
  You've got it bad for the system
  'Cause you know it let you down
  You see the marks on the whores
  And the dimes they lent you
  And your paranoia soars
  On the wings of your dementia
  Without a system that compels
  The growth of human compassion
  Its a face that will never change
  Nobodys well when ever one soul suffers
  We're bound by circumstances
  We cant dissarrange
  Does shame prevent you
  >From engaging in the indigents struggle
  Just filling up a vacancy
  With nothing new to live for
  When I was young and naive
  I believed I could be so much more
  Out of touch with a world
  That never cared or knew me
  More dead than alive
  when you stare right through me
  Its a face that will never, never change
  never change
  You could be the one
  With your hand held out

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