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Good Riddance - Self-Fulfilling Catastrophe

Tekst piosenki:

words spoken monotones
  There's violence in your pretty homes
  Unfaded memories of the times we used to play
  No colors anymore
  There's laughter locked outside the door
  The trucks go rolling by on the freeways just behind you
  It's a self-fulfilling catastrophe
  Sometimes I give myself the creeps
  Watch your problems disappear
  And then reappear as mine
  Come take a look at me
  I'm the poster boy for sympathy
  I can't find my way out of this place I've spent my life
  Some things we never tell
  Looking back it's just as well
  No comfort from anyone
  A frightened child with no place to run
  Can you hear me calling out your name?
  Calling out but nobody's there

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