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Good Riddance - Paean To The Enlightenment

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My line falls out tempting providence
  One more dime spent on the fence
  As you mourn the wretch of innocence lost
  True lies and surrogates
  Room, board and benefits
  Boardrooms make breeding grounds
  For selfish bastards anyhow
  And the grace that we really live for
  Are the sacrifices made
  Protracted and betrayed
  Enough to suffer
  How many rats will tip the scales
  Of failing finance
  How many brave and able men will be lost at sea
  Who dares to complicate
  and the retaliate
  Renouncing tolerance of everything they see
  Follow like sheep
  a face in the crowd
  a good team player
  give me blood
  give me truth
  Its what we came for
  The frayed myth of enlightenment
  Is a supposition
  If you believe
  Smith wrote anything but fiction

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