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Good Riddance - Flies First Class

Tekst piosenki:

tell me who will arrest the political pollution
  who's coming up with the eminent solution
  who's gonna sell you something you can't use
  who can broadcast fallacies and call it the news
  who's gonna fight the almighty legislature
  when a woman's not a woman but another incubator
  when the choleric voice of millions place another urgent call
  and your right to choose is taken leaving no choice at all
  freedom is just a word
  justice a blank ideal
  our novel paradigm
  mirror of one way glass
  somebody's watching
  america flies first class
  some people say i'm bitter and i really should get over it
  an angry young man with nothing tangible to show for it
  but oppression breeds obsession like another mean season
  and to turn a blind eye would be personal treason
  in the sky there's a tiding greeting each and every birth
  about how the unenlightened have inherited the earth
  and if aids doesn't get you you can bet you neighbor will
  because his umbrage and obstruction give him the liberty to kill
  when there's no more change to bring about
  when there's nothing left to sing about
  and when my heart is empty
  and there's no more greed to tempt me
  america files first class

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