Good Riddance - Dylan

Tekst piosenki:

I heard you threw your phone away
  A brave attempt at dodging sympathy
  And maybe you're right
  Who needs checking up on anyway?
  But I remember when I felt my worst
  Its friends like you I called on first
  The shadows of what seemed so sure
  Haunt you as you tread alone
  The empty house you bought with her
  But even when you're torn apart
  Worlds away I feel your pain
  And carry you inside my heart
  I will search my acquaintance
  For a close-lipped friend
  With strength and understanding
  When I think Ive reached my end
  I want to hear your voice again
  And it would be so sad
  If I learned you never even tried to call me up
  But its not so bad
  When you remember you've got friends to pick you up

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