Good Riddance - Cheyenne

Tekst piosenki:

Standing for something with
  True strength and heart
  But the old manifesto has splintered apart
  Driven from homes to the depths or despair
  Hear the cries of the innocent
  Ring through the air
  Genocide a new class warfare
  Pushed aside to make all the people one
  Drop dead because freedoms a cancer
  And state sponsored terror's
  The new land reform
  Blinded by pride and national impulse
  Weaned on the doctrines of Lenin and Marx
  A blood red scar on the new face of china
  Exploding like tinder too close to the spark
  This time its genocide
  And the terror comes from within
  Nobody's safe from the latest wave
  As the new republics in
  We'll do away with agrarian notions
  Bleed the population into fear
  You can't stop our populist expansion
  Because you've got no freedoms here

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