Good Riddance - Boxing Day

Tekst piosenki:

When one browbeating lasts a lifetime
  I cant recall the last time
  Quiet conversation served
  Whats left to solve by mute indifference?
  Still we carry on this way
  Prescribed and uninvolved
  This holds no ordinary pretext
  This isnt one more thing we can endeavor to deny
  Fighting back tears wont stop the bleeding
  Left to bite each others heads off
  We forget to even try
  Seems its never time
  Its never time
  Seems its never time
  Its never time
  Your face disturbs my sleep
  You interrupt my savage dreams
  I'd trade this vision
  For just one more shot at you
  Just beyond the setting sun
  I can see the cities skyline receding
  And these old lines
  And these old lines keep repeating

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