Good Riddance - Blueliner

Tekst piosenki:

been set up to take the fall
  Tried hard not to lose it all but
  I shot straight right from the start
  A slow death from a broken heart but
  It doesn't mean a thing
  When my hearts in the songs we sing
  I've seen so much change
  Still the strength remains
  Our words bounce off your heads
  You don't hear a fucking thing we've said man
  I know your type and I can't relate
  A small mind filled up with hate
  Too try to act so satisfied like you've somehow won
  No rewards for the ones who try to get things done
  Just to survive it's hard to learn this game
  I won't be the first to take the blame
  The pressure builds up day by day
  We've worked too hard to throw it all away

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