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Good Riddance - Bittersweet

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You try to tell me where your heart is
  you say there's nothing wrong
  and the honesty in your eyes tells me
  that I should be strong
  I don't want to get wrapped up in morbid reflection
  because that's a pessimistic space
  and the situations I imagine
  are lost somewhere in you face
  because when were together it's bittersweet
  now your with him and I miss you
  I feel somehow incomplete
  I try to stand on my own
  I take it one day at a time
  and if you ask me how I'm doing
  I bite my lip and say I'm fine
  well I don't know
  I can't sing
  can't sleep do anything
  I just know I'll be there waiting
  for you to come around
  I know you tell me all the time that I worry too much
  but not a day goes by where I'm not thinking about you
  what we had
  what we could have
  if you just give me one more chance
  I miss you
  and it's so bittersweet

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