Good Riddance - Better

Tekst piosenki:

there's no sense waiting in this state
  i've realized too late
  there's only so much left inside
  only so much space to hide
  i've dreamed of castles in the air
  but i've never found out where
  i need a break or a vacation
  before i give myself a scare
  don't try to understand me your logic won't command me
  don't try to read between my mind
  if i could kill you with a touch
  i'd never hate this much
  one thousand colors every day
  but all i see is grey
  my history is plagiarized
  i feel desensitized
  maybe one more shot of reason
  will ripple this disguise
  i told that man just what i thought of him
  so i'm right where i am tied to this bed
  subconsciously restrained and now i wish i hadn't said
  what i said to both of my parents because i made my mother cry
  if they'd only wait i'll make it up to them because i can be a better man
  i'm floating in a frozen sea
  i'll watch the morning break
  giving way to shades of brown
  i see the colors all around
  for once there's no one here but me
  and my autumn reverie
  and in my heart i know
  it's as close as i'll ever be

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