Teksty piosenek / G / Gene Pitney

  24 Hours from Tulsa

  24 Sycamor

  Aladdin's lamp

  All by myself


  Answer me my love

  A street called hope

  Autumn leaves


  Billy you're my friend

  Blue angel

  Born to lose

  Caria mia

  Cold light of day


  Cradle of my arms


  Cry your eyes out

  Donna means heartbreak

  Every breath i take

  Eyes talk

  Far away places

  Garden of love

  Half heaven, half hearttache

  Half the laughter, twice the tears

  I can't stop loving you

  If i didn't have a dime

  If i never get to love you

  I love you more today

  I'm gonna be strong

  I must be seeing things

  It hurts to be in love

  I wanna love my life away

  Just one smile

  Last chance to turn around

  Lips are redder on you

  Little Betty falling star

  Looking through the eyes of love

  Louisiana mama

  Maria Elena


  Mission bell

  Mr Moon, Mr Cupid and i

  Nobody needs your love

  Not responsible

  Oceans away

  Only love can break a heart

  Playing games of love

  Princess in rags

  Shady lady

  Something's gotten hold of my heart

  Somewhere in the country

  That girl belongs to yesterday

  The bosses daughter

  The first cut is the deepest

  The man who shot liberty valance

  Tower tall

  Town without pity

  Trans-Canada highway

  True love never runs smooth

  Who needs it

  Yesterday's hero

  Yours until tomorrow

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