Teksty piosenek / G / Gabrielle

  5 O'clock


  Baby i've changed

  Because of you

  Don't Need The Sun To Shine (To Make Me



  Find your way

  Forget about the world

  Give me a little more time

  Going Nowhere

  Gonna get better

  Have you ever wondered

  If i could

  If you ever

  If you love me

  If you really cared

  I'm so glad

  Independence day

  Inside your head

  I wanna know

  I Wish


  Our love is over

  Out Of Reach

  Over You

  People may come


  Say what you gotta say

  Second chance

  Should I Stay?

  So glad


  Tell Me What You Dream

  There she goes

  Walk On By

  We don't talk

  When A Woman

  Who could love you

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