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Fun Factory - Don't fight

Tekst piosenki:

   I don't wanna fight tonight
  what can we do to make it right?
  Can it be a dream or is it reality?
  all the time when you start
  screaming my heard starts turning
  m heard starts bleeding
  I hope I wish I pray I'm only dreaming
  I don't wanna fight
  let's just do right
  want you by my side
  can't you understand?
  and now make sweet love to me
  you're ma fantasy
  you're the only one and you're my best friend
  I don't want no fight
  There's no more time for us to do it right
  Ain't no time for stress and violence
  all what we need is a place for silence
  when the phone rings
  I get nervous I don't think I'm the one
  who derseves this
  All I need is one more try
  wanna protect you like my own eyes
  no more tears no more hurtin'
  can't you feel that my soul is burning
  all what I want all what I want
  is peace for you girl
  I go down on my knees
  Don't wanna fight come on let's
  do this if we don't yo say srew
  Thistoo much stress
  too much mess
  girl I love you
  I must confess
  Straight up love is what I give you
  You're in my heard I breathe and live you
  so let's stop to fight
  let's star to love
  'cause we fit together
  like a hand in glove
  stop fighting
  I love you

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