Teksty piosenek / F / Fu Manchu


  Asphalt risin

  Blue tile fever

  Boogey van

  Breathing fire

  Burning road

  Coyote duster

  Cyclone launch


  Evil eye

  Free and easy

  Freedom of choice

  Gathering speed



  Grendel snowman


  Hell on wheels



  King of the road

  Laser bl'ast

  Living legend


  Mega bumpers

  Missing link

  Module overload

  No dice

  Nothing done

  Ojo rojo

  Over the edge

  Pigeon toe

  Push button magic


  Regal begal

  Saturn III


  Show and shine


  Snake bellies

  Solid hex

  Space farm

  Strato streak

  Strolling astronomer



  The action is go

  The bargain

  The Falcon has landed


  Time to fly

  Trackside hoax

  Trapeze freak

  Travel agent

  Unknown world


  Weird beard


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