Teksty piosenek / F / Fugazi

  23 Beats Off

  And The Same


  Back To Base

  Bad Mouth

  Bed For The Scraping

  Birthday Pony




  Bulldog Front


  Burning Too

  By You



  Caustic Acrostic

  Closed Captioned

  Dear Justice Letter

  Downed City

  Do You Like Me

  Epic Problem

  Exit Only


  Facet Squared


  Fell, Destroyed

  Five Corporations

  Floating Boy

  Foreman's Dog

  Forensic Scene

  Full Disclosure


  Give Me The Cure

  Glue Man

  Great Cop


  Guilford Fall

  Hello Morning

  I'm so tired



  Last Chance For A Slow Dance

  Latest Disgrace

  Latin Roots

  Life And Limb

  Little Debbie


  Long Distance Runner

  Long Division

  Margin Walker


  Nice New Outfit


  No Surprise


  Pink Frosty

  Place Position




  Public Witness Program

  Recap Modotti


  Rend It



  Returning The Screw

  Runaway Return

  Shut The Door

  Sieve-Fisted Find

  Smallpox Champion

  Song #1






  The Kill


  Two Beats Off

  Waiting Room

  Walken's Syndrome

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