Teksty piosenek / F / Frank Zappa

  200 Years old

  Absolutely free

  Advance romance

  A few moments with brother A. West

  A game of cards

  Agency man

  A little green Rosetta

  Alley cat

  America drinks & goes home

  Amnesia vivace


  Any downers

  Any kind of pain


  Any way the wind blows


  Are you hung up

  Are you upset

  Artificial Rhonda

  A token of my extreme


  Baby snakes

  Baby take your teeth out

  Bacon fat

  Bamboozled by love

  Beauty knows no pain

  Be in my video

  Big leg Emma

  Billy the mountain

  Bobby Brown

  Brown shoes don't make it

  Bwana dik

  Call any vegetable

  Camarillo brillo

  Can't afford no shoes

  Carolina hard-core ecstasy

  Catholic girls

  Charlie's enormous mouth

  Cheap thrills


  City of tiny lights

  Cocaine decisions

  Cosmic debris

  Cradle rock


  Daddy daddy daddy

  Dance contest

  Dancin fool

  Debra Kadabra


  Dinah-moe humm

  Directly from my heart to you

  Dirty love

  Disco boy

  Don't eat the yellow snow


  Do you like my new car

  Drafted again

  Drop dead

  Drowning witch

  Dumb all over

  Dummy up

  Easy meat

  Eddie, are you kidding

  Elvis has just left the building

  Evelyn, a modified dog

  Excentrifugal forz

  Father O'Blivion

  Find her finer

  Fine girl


  Florentine pogen

  Galoot up date

  Goblin girl

  Go cry on somebody Else's Shoulder

  Half a dozen provocative squats

  Happy together

  Harder than your busband

  Harry as a boy

  Harry & Rhonda

  Heavenly bank account

  He's so gay

  He used to cut the grass

  Honey, don't you want a man like me

  How could i be such a fool

  How's your bird

  Hungry freaks, daddy

  I ain't got no heart

  I come from nowhere

  I have been in you, baby

  I'm not satisfied

  I'm so cute

  I'm the slime

  Inca roads

  Jelly roll gum drop

  Jewish princess

  Joe's garage

  Jones Crusher

  Jumbo, go away

  Later that night

  Latex solar beef

  Lemme take you to the beach

  Let's make the water turn black

  Lonely little girl

  Lonesome cowboy Burt

  Louie louie

  Love of my life

  Lucille has messed my mind up

  Luigi & the wise guys


  Magic fingers

  Man with the woman head


  Motherly love

  Mother people

  Mr. Green Genes

  Ms Pinky

  Mudd club

  Muffin man

  My guitar wants to kill your mama

  Mystery Roach

  Nanook rubs it

  No no no

  No not now

  Penguin in bondage

  Plastic people

  Poofter's froth wyoming plans ahead

  Pygmy twylyte

  Sam with the showing scalp flat top


  Sofa no. 2

  Soft-sell conclusion

  Son of Suzy Creamcheese

  St. Alphonzo's pancake breakfast

  Status back baby


  The closer you are

  The duke of prunes

  The torture never stops

  The wet t-shirt contest

  Trouble every day

  Uncle bernie's farm

  Uncle Remus

  Whippin post

  Who are the brain police

  Why don'tcha do me right

  Wonderful wino

  You're probably wondering why i'm here

  Zomby woof

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