Teksty piosenek / F / Fool's Garden


  And you say



  Careless games

  Cry baby cry



  Fall for her


  Good night


  I can't tell this anymore

  In the name

  Lemon tree



  Man in a cage

  Martha Mmy dear


  Monday morning girl

  No flowers by request

  Noone's song

  Nothern town


  Once in a blue moon

  One fine day

  One way out

  Ordinary man




  Rainy day

  Save me


  She's so happy to be

  Spirit 91

  Spirit of the disappeared



  Take me

  Tell me who i am

  The part of the fool

  The principal thing

  The seal

  The tocsin

  When the moon kisses town

  Who are you

  Why am i sad today

  Why did she go

  Wild days

  You're not forgotten

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