Teksty piosenek / F / Foo Fighters

  A 320

  Ain't It The Life

  All My Life

  Alone + Easy Target

  Alone & easy target


  Baker street

  Big Me


  Burn Away


  Carry on my wayward son

  Colour pictures of a marigold


  Damn you damn everyone

  Danny says

  Darling Nikki

  Dear lover

  Disenchanted lullaby

  Disenchanted Lullabye


  Down in the park

  Drive me wild

  Enough Space



  February Stars


  For All The Cows


  Friend of a friend

  Gas chamber


  Gimmie Stitches

  Good Grief


  Have a cigar

  Have It All


  Hell's garden

  Hey, Johnny Park!

  How do you do

  How i miss you

  I'll Stick Around

  I'm alone again

  Iron & stone

  Just another story about Skeeter Thompson

  Kung fu fighting

  Learn To Fly

  Life of illusion

  Live-In Skin

  Lonely As You

  Lovin touchin squeezin


  Make a bet




  Monkey Wrench

  My Hero

  My Poor Brain

  New Way Home

  Next Year

  Oh, George



  Petrol CB



  See You

  Sister Europe

  Stacked Actors

  The colour and the shape

  The One

  This Is A Call

  Throwing needles

  Times like these

  Times Like These (One-Way Motorway)


  Tired of you


  Up In Arms

  Walking After You

  Walking a line


  Weenie Beenie

  Wind Up


  Win or lose


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