Teksty piosenek / F / Fleetwood Mac

  Affairs of the heart

  A fool no more

  All over again

  Allow me one more show

  Although the sun is shining


  As long as you follow

  Bad loser

  Bare trees

  Beautiful child

  Before the beginning

  Behind the mask

  Believe me

  Bermuda triangle

  Big love

  Black magic woman

  Bleed To Love Her

  Blood on the floor

  Blow by blow

  Blue letter

  Blue monday

  Book of love

  Born enchanter

  Bright fire

  Brown eyes


  Child of mine

  Closing my eyes

  Cold black night


  Come a little bit closer

  Coming home

  Coming your way

  Cool water


  Destiny Rules

  Did you ever love me


  Doctor Brown

  Down endless street

  Do you know

  Do you wanna dance





  Dust my broom

  Emerald eyes

  Empire state

  Everybody Finds Out


  Eyes of the world

  Family man


  First train home


  For your love


  Future games

  Gold dust woman

  Goodbye angel

  Goodbye Baby

  Got to move

  Go your own way


  Hard feelings

  Heart of stone

  Hellhound on my trail

  Hi ho silver

  Hold me


  Homeward bound


  Honey hi


  I do

  If you be my baby

  I got it in for you

  I held my baby last night


  I loved another woman

  I need your love so bad

  In the back of my mind

  I wonder why

  Jewel eyed Judy

  Joan of Arc

  Just crazy love

  Keep on going


  Last night

  Lay it all down

  Lazy poker blues

  Leaving town blues

  Like crying

  Like it this way

  Little lies

  Long grey mare

  Looking for somebody

  Love in store

  Love is dangerous

  Love minus zero

  Love shines

  Love that burns

  Love that woman

  Make me a mask

  Man of the world

  Mean old fireman

  Merry go round

  Miles away


  Mission bell

  Monday morning

  Morning rain

  Murrow Turning Over In His Grave

  My heart beat like a hammer

  My little demon


  Need your love so bad

  Need your love tonight

  Never forget

  Never going back again

  Never make me cry

  Nights in estoril

  Night watch

  No place to go

  No questions asked

  Nothing without you

  Not make believe

  Not that funny

  Oh daddy

  Oh Diane

  Oh well

  One more night

  One sunny day

  One together

  Only over you

  Ooh baby

  Over my head

  Over & over

  Paper doll


  Prove your love

  Purple dancer

  Rambling pony no. 2

  Rattlesnake shake

  Red Rover

  Remember me




  Road runner

  Rollin man

  Running Through The Garden

  Sands of time


  Save me

  Save me a place

  Say Goodbye

  Say you love me

  Say You Will

  Second hand news

  Sentimental lady

  Seven wonders

  Shake your moneymaker

  Show-biz blues

  Show me a smile

  Silver Girl

  Silver heels

  Silver springs

  Sisters of the moon

  Skies the limit

  Smile At You


  Something inside of me



  Sooner or later

  Spare me a little of your love

  Stand back

  Stand on the rock

  Station man

  Steal Your Heart Away

  Stop messin around


  Straight back

  String a long

  Sugar mama

  Sweet girl

  Talkin to my heart

  Talk with you

  Tango in the night

  Tell me all the things you do

  Temporary one

  The big boat

  The chain

  The city

  The dealer

  The derelict

  The ghost

  The green Manalishi

  The ledge

  The second time

  These strange times

  The way i feel

  The world keep on turning

  Think about me

  This is the rock

  Thrown Down


  Trying so hard to forget


  Twist of fate

  Walk a thin line

  Warm ways

  Watch out

  Welcome to the room Sara

  What's The World Coming To?

  When i see you again

  When it comes to love

  When the sun goes down

  When you say


  Winds of change

  Wish you were here

  Without you

  Woman of a thousand years

  Worlds in a tangle

  World turning

  Worried dream

  You and i part I

  You and i part II

  You make loving fun

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