Teksty piosenek / F / Fifteen


  Abel's Song

  Ain't Life a Drag...


  All the Good Times

  Another Year

  Armed Gangs



  Chris's Song






  Emancipa Proclima

  End of the Century

  End of the Summer


  Family Values




  Food Not Bombs



  Grow Up

  Hello: My Name is Whore

  Helter Smelter

  I Keep On Tryin'


  I'm a Man



  In Our World






  Land Mine


  Liberation II

  Lookin' For Trouble


  Man Against Man


  Mount Shrink Wrap


  My Congressman

  My Friend II


  No Problems

  No Tion

  Over and Over

  Parking Lots

  Payback is Beautiful


  Petroleum Distillation




  Run II

  Separation 1

  Separation 2




  Song #14

  Stolen Life

  Stolen Smiles


  Sun Song



  Sweet Distraction

  Sweet Valentine

  The Deal

  The End

  The End II


  Violation II

  War on Drugs

  Welcome to Berkeley

  Welcome to Berkeley

  We Will Win

  Who Are We Hurtin' With Our Love

  World Starvation

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