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Ferlin Husky - That little boy of mine

Tekst piosenki:

   Who cares for fame or fortune
  Who cares for wealth or gold
  Because I find a fortune
  Within my arms I hold
  A tiny turned up nose
  Two cheeks just like a rose
  So sweet from head to toes
  That little boy of mine
  Two arms that hold me tight
  Two eyes that shine so bright
  Two lips that kiss goodnight
  That little boy of mine
  No one will ever know
  Just what his coming has meant
  Because I love him so
  He’s something heaven has sent
  He’s all the world to me
  He climbs upon my knee
  To me he’ll always be
  That little boy of mine
  And when he lays his head
  Upon his pillow so white
  I pray the Lord above
  To guide him safe through the night
  In dreams I see his face
  And feel his fond embrace
  There’s no one can replace
  That little boy of mine.

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