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Ferlin Husky - City lights

Tekst piosenki:

   The bright array of city lights as far as I can see
  The great white way shines through the night for lonely guys like me
  The cabarets and honky tonks their flashing signs invite
  A broken heart to lose itself in the glow of city lights
  (Lights that say forget her name) in a glass of cherry wine
  (Lights that offer other girls) for empty hearts like mine
  They paint a pretty picture of a world that's gay and bright
  But it's just a mask for loneliness behind those city lights
  The world was dark and God made stars to brighten up the night
  Did the God who put those stars above make those city lights
  Did he make a place for men to cry when things don't turn out right
  Are we just supposed to run and hide behind those city lights
  (Lights that say forget her love) in a different atmosphere
  (Lights that lure are nothing) but a masquarade for tears
  They paint a pretty picture but my arms can't hold them tight
  And I just can't say I love you to a street of city lights

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