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  20th century trip

  21st century meltdown

  7 Days In The Sun



  Buck Rogers


  Can't dance to disco



  Chicken on a bone

  Child In You



  Come Back Around

  Comfort In Sound



  Day in day out



  Don't bring me down





  Find The Colour


  Forget About Tomorrow



  Getting to know you well




  Here in the bubble


  Hole in my head


  I need buzz


  Insomnia (deutsche)

  Just A Day

  Just a day (deutsche)

  Just The Way I'M Feeling

  Living in polaroid

  Love Pollution


  My perfect day



  Oxygen (deutsche)


  Picture of a perfect youth

  Pictures of pain

  Piece By Piece

  Polythene girl


  Quick Fade









  Satellite News

  Seven days in the sun

  Sex type drug



  So well

  Space age hero


  Standing On The Edge

  Stereo world


  Summer's Gone

  Sweet 16



  Tell All Your Friends

  Tinsel town

  Tomorrow shine


  Tv me

  Under The Weather


  Waiting for changes


  We Can't Rewind

  We the electronic


  Wishing for the sun

  Women in towels

  World asleep

  Yesterday went too soon

  You're my evergreen

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