Teksty piosenek / F / Fastball



  Are you ready for the fallout

  Back door

  Better Than It Was


  Charlie, the methadone man

  Charlie, The Methodone Man

  Damaged Goods

  Dark street

  Don't give up on me




  Fire Escape

  Funny how it fades away

  G.O.D. (good old days)

  G.O.D (Good old days)


  Human torch

  Knock it down


  Love doesn't kill you

  Love is expensive and free

  Make your mama proud

  Morning star


  Nowhere Road

  Out Of My Head


  She comes round

  Slow Drag

  Sooner Or Later

  Sweetwater, Texas

  Telephone calls

  The Way

  This guy's in love with you

  This is not my life



  Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  Whatever gets you on

  Which Way To The Top?

  Wind me up

  You're an ocean

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