Teksty piosenek / F / Falco / Zuviel hitze (english)

Falco - Zuviel hitze (english)

Tekst piosenki:

   0.00 o'clock and no sign of you,
  your business goes well as usual
  The strongest in town submit themselfs
  to your every need
  "golden nose" is what they call you at the Scene
  Ah, ah, she stirs you up and
  she sleeps with me
  Too much heat in this deep-freeze
  too much heat in you
  It´s too hot for me in this town,
  here is too much white, (white=cocaine)
  I´m sick and tired of it
  It is too hot, and then I freeze
  Yes, this town has nothing
  for me and you
  Hey, baby, tell your daddy,
  what´s goin´ wrong with you!
  3.20 hour and no star in sight
  a blue light stops the traffic
  4.10 and your on ice (ice=death)
  and forgotten
  you can´t take the heat anymore
  take the ring
  the one with the white stones
  the one I gave you
  too much heat in this deep-freeze
  too much love in you
  ashes to ashes
  I came too late
  It was too hot for me in this town
  here was too much white
  could never get enough
  it had too much heat
  and then I freezed
  Yes, this town has nothing
  for you and me
  and me and nobody else

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki