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Falco - Push push

Tekst piosenki:

   Come take a ride
  Or a slip´n´side
  To sit astride´n´glide´n´´.
  Please pull the strings
  Bees use their stings
  Birds spread their wing and
  Some things...Push! Push!
  A puss that pures
  By settin´spures
  Is this his or her what stirs?
  Now: Push! Push!
  Unlock the sloice
  Bring up the juce
  Just let it loose..Produce´n´
  Push! Push!
  Push! Push! Push!Just a little
  Push! Push! Push!A little further
  Push! Push! Push!Just a little bit
  Push! Push! Push!A little bit mooooore!
  Ooh what a blow
  Yeah, what a show!
  Hey, one more throw...
  Let´s go now! Push! Push!
  Another shot
  We hit teh spot
  Oh that was hot.. a lot
  Now: Push! Push!
  From stick or stone
  To the prick an d bone
  I´m lyin´prone, I´m n´n´not alone
  With a whip and chain
  There´s plesure´n pain
  And no venture, no gain....again
  Now Push!! Push!
  Our fathers who are from heaven
  When kings have come thy will be
  done Forgive this day - our dailybread Give ahead!!!

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