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Falco - Macho macho

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   Macho Macho
  I don't like your style
  Macho Macho
  You'll be floatin' on the river Nile
  Macho Macho
  So get down on your knees and pray
  Macho Macho
  I'm gonna blow your Macho Macho mind away, away
  And the boys are singin'
  Na - na - na - na - na
  Hip, hip
  Na - na - na - na - na
  So listen
  I heard a story the other day
  And I've been wonderin' what they got to say
  They said you took my lady for a ride
  They said it lasted to morning light
  So listen
  I am not a violent boy
  But you touched my lady and she's my
  Favourite toy
  And you're
  Macho Macho...
  The boys don't sing anymore...

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